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Our Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to provide a high quality comprehensive and optimal education for all students in a safe and positive learning environment. Each student will be encouraged to succeed within his or her own ability and according to his/her educational or occupational goals. Each student at Tunstall High School will have the opportunity to learn basic knowledge and skills, be proficient in problem solving, be competent in the use of available technology and function effective as a productive member of society.

Tunstall High

Tunstall High School is located in Dry Fork, Virginia in the center of the Tunstall magisterial district on Tunstall High Road. The school was named for The Honorable Whitmell P. Tunstall,who was a lawyer and a long-time member of the legislature. Tunstall resulted from the merging of Brosville and Whitmell High Schools in 1964. Today Tunstall is still striving for excellence in its everyday operations.

The faculty, staff, administration and students work hard to make this Pittsylvania County Schools "A Great Place to Learn, and Work!"

Preparing Scholars for the 21st Century