Freshmen Orientation

Freshmen Orientation

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Students and Parents:

Tunstall High school is making big plans for you!  We have planned a special orientation just for you, rising freshmen, to come and tour the school, walk your schedule, ask questions in small groups, and be provided with special information on what Tunstall High School has to offer you.

This event is to take place on Thursday, August 1st beginning at 6:00 PM and ending at 7:00 PM. We will meet in the cafeteria and divide into groups at that time.  SCA officers, current Tunstall High School students, guidance counselors, administrators, and teachers will be your guides throughout the evening.  This experience will offer you the unique opportunity to walk your schedule without other students. Please note, however, this is an orientation, not Open House.

Parents, you will also be given special treatment.  We would like to dedicate time with you to explain SOL tests, classes, academic credit, Graduate of Merit, clubs and organizations, and other wonderful programs Tunstall High School has gained through our growth.  We will also go over details as dress code, our cell phone policy, and other topics outlined in our student hand book.  This will be your opportunity to ask any questions and address any concerns you may have.

After all students and parents are finished with a guided tour, you will be given the opportunity to walk your schedule all the way through and practice your locker combination (granted we have the information available at that time).  At the end of the evening, we will provide refreshments and answer any other questions you may have.  A complimentary athletic pass to a 2019-20 sporting event will also be given to each student participant in this orientation evening.

Tunstall High School wants the transition into high school to be a smooth one.  We look forward to seeing you on August 1st!

Tunstall High School 
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